Monday, October 6, 2014

Day Six: Consistent Mornings

As you might have noticed, I participate in 101 challenges.  No, not really 101, but I really do dig a good online challenge.  I need both to be held accountable to other people and have a definite goal in sight.  I joined a group this summer called Hello Mornings which I like a lot.  It is not much more than a closed Facebook group that I check into every morning when I wake up.  It is the extra nudge I need to get me out of bed.

I am so grumpy in the mornings.  It is truly awful and I think it has gotten worse with age.  Or with more children.  Or both.  But getting up earlier than the kids and feeling awake before I see them changes the way my day goes.  I have a serious aversion to loud noises and chaos first thing, but it is kind of a given around here.

I have really been trying to get up early every morning and to slowly but surely make it a habit.

I invested is something wonderful that has helped me immensely.  I'm a late-adopted but now a huge fan of the Keurig.  I bought one for my bedroom and I get to sneak a cup of coffee (or two) before I even come downstairs in the morning.  I drink my coffee black so all I need is a cup and my new favorite device. Oh, this is the best hundred and twenty bucks I ever spent.

So, when people see me with all the children and they ask me how I do it, the answer is "I bought a Keurig."

I do try to make my morning routine also about trying to get centered spiritually, whether that means reading a devotional or just reading few lines from an inspirational blog posts.  Whatever it takes to get me thinking positively and feeling grateful before I walk down those stairs and see those precious lives entrusted to me (that might otherwise seem like spawns of the devil without my morning routine).

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  1. hello Samantha, I'm so pleased that you've started blogging again, and I'm going to start reading your blogs consistently !!! I loved yesterday's- day five. I like to spend time in silence sometimes too, and I like to pray. I'd love to come with you all to church next weekend. Sometimes I "pray with colour" and "zentangle" at the same time. Shall I show the children how to do it? (if they want to). I can also show them how to meditate,which is very calming. I'm so excited about meeting you all. Love, kisses and hugs. Margaret