Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13: Consistent Friends

Well, today is Columbus Day, so of course we had to celebrate with Panini's.  (They're Italian, right?)

We had a really fun day with our good friends, Kim and Chris and their girls.  Kim and Chris are friends with whom we punctuate the year.  It wouldn't be The Fourth of July without them.  Or Thanksgiving (we celebrate a "first Thanksgiving" sometime in November with them before getting together with our families).  And we have spent many a New Years Eve, vacation, and birthday party with them.  Consistent friends.

Our kids love each other.  In fact, we have arranged a marriage between two of them, but I'm not naming names. 

Our times together seem to always involve food and silliness.  Above that, anything goes.

(Here, Chris attacks Elijah with Christopher's baby doll.  I think he's having fun.  Just a little.)

And here Kim dresses Olivia in paper packaging from a delivery we received earlier this week.  

I don't think we ever decided what she was.  A paper princess?  A monster?

Whatever.  She was happy.

Chrissy is Little Brown Riding Hood.

And his baby has a blanket.

What would we do without such good friends in our life?  Friends who are, in so many ways, more like family. 

Feeling very blessed this weekend.

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