Monday, December 23, 2013


After waiting for a long time, Elijah suddenly arrived.  He had clearly just been woken up:  he had creases on his face and his eyes were sleepy.  He had been driven from his orphanage one and a half hours away.  He would not look at me or smile.

I was reminded of Nicholas' and Christopher's adoptions ( Ellie was another story), when my babies would not make eye contact.  This is so textbook, but I had imagined it would be different with an older child.

Elijah quickly seemed to wake up, and register that there were toys and candy in the room.

Her started to loosen up but still wouldn't really look at us.

I stayed close but gave him some space.

Nick went in for the kill.

I knew it was smart to bring Nicholas along.  He reached out and never let go.

Broke the ice.

By our car ride home, we were all laughs.

At the grocery store, Nicholas is still not letting go.  Elijah is starting to get used to his " Ge Ge" ( big brother).

And I spoiled hm a bit.

The boys became fast friends, even while Elijah chatters away in Chinese and Nicholas answers in English.

When we came back to the hotel, we went to the pool.  

Nicholas went swimming, but a Elijah found a new love:  the iPad.  It is truly amazing how he just figured it all out without having used one before.  He is really so smart. He has masted Temple Run and Angry Birds.  Peter would be so proud.  He also has a really good ear and repeats what I say in English perfectly.

We went out to dinner.   Elijah seems to need to learn a few things -- like you need to sit down at a restaurant and not wander off to the waiters' stations or other people's tables.  But, you know, my kids at home need reminders like that too, sometimes.

And we did a lot of playing.  Elijah loves action figures and he chatters away in his sweet little voice.

He had no qualms at all about jumping into the bath with Nicholas.  They were silly together, splashing each other and laughing.  

We have a long way to go in terms of getting to know each other and becoming a family, but this was a wonderful first day.  Thanks to all you who have been thinking of us, and praying.  


  1. So thrilled for you all! Love the photos of the boys together.

  2. It was truly an inspiration to take Nicholas with you. What a beautiful and loving relationship is already growing. I know that Elijah will settle into your family and be as happy as the rest of them are.
    Lots of love, and my continual thoughts and prayers.

  3. I love these pictures of Nicholas holding onto Elijah! What a wonderful brother he is! I am praying that God will continue to give you wisdom and that Elijah will feel safe and loved more and more each day! God bless all of you!