Sunday, December 29, 2013

Free Days

While I have taken many photos, I have not had time to write much.  The boys keep me on my toes!  Elijah is doing really well, and there have been no more tears since the medical exam.  Yesterday, we went to the Safari Zoo and had a great time.  We fed the giraffes and the elephants.

And Nicholas even petted a koala (Elijah declined the offer).

Elijah really loved the wite tigers and I bought him this hat and a pair of tiger gloves.  He won't take them off. 

We also saw the pandas.  It was nice to be back here with someone who is enthusiastic about the animals.  Some of you might remember I came here this summer and Christopher was not interested at all.  Too cool for school. 

The day before yesterday, we went to a local park. 

Don't do it, Curious George!!

They climbed a statue of an ox.  

Silly brothers.

They are already starting to act like 'real brothers' and bicker a little.  

But mostly they are having fun together.

China really is the Land of The Beautiful Children.  I had so much fun just watching all of the kids in the playground. 

Back at the hotel, we played in the gardens.  Nicholas is beyond psyched that I let him have a Coke.  

 Here are some pictures from back in Hunan province.   We went for a walk and happened upon a swimming race in honor of Chairman Mao's 120th birthday.  They love Mao in Hunan because he is from here. Anyway, this was remarkable because it was about 45 degrees outside.

The swimmers were "winter swimmers."

And very proud of their accomplishment, it seems!

We watched boats by the river.

It has been so nice to explore together.  It feels as if I have had more downtime on this trip, but maybe it is only because I am not always putting a baby down for naps.  Whatever the cause, we are enjoying ourselves and getting to know each other in a low-stress way. 

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. It fills me with joy to read your blog. May I wish you abundant blessings, joy and love.