Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had such a fun Thanksgiving week that started out with one of my best friends coming to visit from New Mexico with her sweet family.  We have been friends since our first year of college, and it was surreal to get together as mothers now.

The kids really got along well and it was so fun to see them make memories together.

My good friend is also Peter's godmother.  And he just loves her.

Our friends brought fun science experiments with them -- what else could a homeschooling family ask for?

 On Thursday, we headed to Maryland to see my wonderful sister-in-law, Nickie.  What a brave soul. She hosted Thanksgiving for 21 after only living in her new home for a few months.

She did a bang-up job.

The food was great, but we were really there for some Theia Nickie love.

And a turkey hat floated around the party.  I had to try it on.

There's that turkey hat again.

Coloring with cousins.

Ellie, finding some time by herself.  That was quite a feat.

Nicholas was giving rides to the little kids.

And Uncle Dave was just as entertaining as he whipped out his book of logic puzzles.  (That truly is Olivia's idea of fun! She obviously got that from John's side of the family.)

There's that turkey hat again.  But where is Gerry?

"Oh, Nickie, Nickie,  Hug me!!!!"

So thankful to have Christopher home this year, being loved upon by his family.  An orphan no more.  

Next year, Elijah will be part of this craziness.  I prayed a silent "thank you" all day long (and every day) for all of my children, and for our family who so warmly embraces them all.

How'd I get so lucky?

The day after Thanksgiving, we headed to the Port Children's Museum in Baltimore.  

This is a blurry photo because Ellie was jumping up and down, but I like it anyway because she is so happy.

This girl loves horses. Even pretend ones. Even pretend horsey bottoms.

Cows are nice, too.

Peter also had so much fun.

Introducing, Sir Peter.

…and Queen Eleanor.

Even the big kids had fun creating sculptures.

I still can't get over how big my Olivia is.  Wasn't she just, like, 1?

Nah, I guess that is this guy.

Peter gazing at the cool Christmas sculpture.

And Olivia at the hotel watching Harry Potter on TV.  After a long few days of traveling and doing logic puzzles, she deserved a break.

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