Monday, June 17, 2013


What an amazing day.  I spent the morning going to the bank to exchange money and then walking in the gardens of the Garden Hotel.  

Then, I waited around anxiously until 2:00 when I met my guide and headed to the civil affairs office. I was so nervous and it felt like I was waiting forever.

But, then they brought him out.

I recognized him right away.

Then they handed him to me.

Then we sat down and got to know each other a little bit.  Here, I took a picture of us myself.  Like Ellie, he was really into the Gerber Puffs.

He was definitely unsure of me and aware that something strange was going on.  He would be happy and curiously looking at me one moment, and the next looking around for his ayi and would begin to cry.

But he stopped himself quickly.  He seems to know how to distract himself and stop himself from crying.  Not sure that's a good thing.  But it made today easier than it was for some other poor parents with screaming children in the civil affairs office.

Here, I am with his orphanage director and his ayi.

Then, we went back to the hotel room.  He was very interested in the toys.  Could not get enough of them.

He would play very seriously for a while and then sneak a peek at me.  

He responds to his name, Wei En.  Nicholas and Ellie did not, but I think it is because I could not pronounce their names correctly!

His eye contact is great.  I fed him his bottle and he stared deeply into my eyes.  That is huge.

And I got him to smile.  And laugh!

Apparently it is very funny for me to say "oh!" when he knocks things over.  He loves to make things crash and to bang things.  He will fit in at our house.

Christopher is a love.  He hugs my neck so tightly when I hold him. He seems to love kisses.  He is also so wise and observant.  He seems to take in everything going on around him.

 He also loves to eat.  Wow, can this boy put away some congee (like a rice cereal).  

I put him into his crib when he started rubbing his eyes, and he went in happily and fell right to sleep.  I said to John on the phone tonight, "how quickly do you think we'll mess that up?"  

I am exhausted but very very happy.  

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  1. Samantha, He is so edibly adorable! Oh my heavens. I am in love. You must be in some sort of surreal place. I hope that you and Christopher were both able to sleep some. Have a wonderful first day together! xo