Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Stitch Fix

As I posted recently, I have been feeling a bit depleted lately.  I don't have much time for myself, and I felt like I needed a little pick-me-up.

As I was walking the dog last week, I was listening on my iPod to one of my favorite podcasts, Simple Mom.  The speaker, Tsh, mentioned something I had never heard of before: Stitch Fix.

Tsh said that with Stitch Fix, you fill out an online questionnaire, and then a virtual personal shopper picks out some clothing items for you.  The questions ranged from the prices you were willing to spend on certain types of clothing, to your personal style, body type and your desire to cover or show off certain parts of your figure, and color preferences.

Then it is sent to your door.  I ordered myself one.

It was so fun to anticipate the box coming.

And even more fun to find it at my doorstep, and then open it.

Each Stitch Fix box contains 5 items.  You can keep or return whichever items you choose.  If you choose all 5, you get a 25% discount; if you choose none, you return them all but have to pay $20 for the service.  Of course, you can chose to keep only a few items, also.

I received this dress.  Price: $128:

This tank.  Price: $48:

This peasant blouse (thank you, Ellie) Price: $58:

This chambray shirt.  Price: $58:

And this necklace  Price: $28:

Then I quickly went upstairs to try everything on.  My two youngest joined me.  Of course!  They join me everywhere.

I really love this dress.  Very comfortable -- could probably dress it up with heels or down with flip-flops.  It was also very flattering.

Didn't love the tank top.  Made me feel a bit too busty.  It doesn't take much.

The peasant blouse was really pretty, but a little tight in the armpits (again, the busty problem). 

Surprise, surprise.  I loved the chambray shirt.  I never would have picked this out at the store, but it looked great on.  The embroidery was really pretty, and the color was flattering.

I think this is where StitchFix really excels:  it persuades you to try on things you might never have tried otherwise.

In the end, I decided to keep the dress and the chambray shirt.  I didn't like the way the tank and the peasant blouse fit me, so I sent them back.  I also decided to send back the necklace.  It was very delicate and pretty, but I knew I would never wear it.  I don't change my jewelry very often.  Heck, I usually get my whole look together in under 3 minutes!

It was easy to return everything, as Stitch Fix box comes with a prepaid envelope that I just dropped in the mailbox.  Perfect for this stressed mama.

What fun I had.

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  1. I heard about them from Nancy over at Ordinary Miracles, but I don't usually spend that kind of money on clothing for myself. Neat idea, though!