Monday, July 29, 2013


I got the word a few days ago that Elijah was just matched with a family in Italy.

I have such mixed feelings:  I am thrilled for him that he will finally have a family of his own, after waiting 7 long years.

Here he is at age 4 in the foster home Nicholas once lived.

But I am also very sad that he will not be my child.  We have thought of him as ours for so long now.

I can only hope that in some small way we made a difference in his life.  That perhaps our prayers made a difference; that maybe he felt our love across the ocean.

I will always think of Elijah with a bit of sadness, but I am so thankful that God orchestrated it all so that, when we weren't looking for another child, we started a dossier only because of the slim chance that Elijah would need a family.  We wanted to be ready.

Instead, we ended up with our sweet Christopher.  We never would have started an adoption if we thought we were going to adopt another baby.  It just wasn't where our minds were.

I am trying to concentrate on the perfection of God's plan, instead of how mine didn't work out.

Ciao, my little Elijah.  You will have a wonderful life as a little Italian gentleman.  I can already picture you in fine leather and an Italian dress shirt.


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