Friday, June 7, 2013

Ellie's Turn

From the moment we met her, Ellie showed her spunk and optimism.  We met Ellie in a civil affairs office with about 15 other families meeting their children for the first time as well.  Ellie was one of the last to arrive, so we watched everyone and their babies for what seemed like hours (probably half an hour).  As expected, most babies cried, as they did not understand what was happening and as they were at the prime age for stranger anxiety.

Well, Ellie was quite the opposite.  When she was brought to us, she just stared into our eyes and chomped on her teething biscuit.  Is was as if she were saying, " So, who are you, huh?" 

And once we smiled at her, she smiled back.

Then, she snuggled her head on my shoulder.  It was love at first sight.

I expected this to be a short-lived "honeymoon phase," but it really wasn't.  She attached to us, she laughed easily, ate well, and slept well from day one (until her cleft lip surgery interrupted some of that, but that is another post).  It was really that easy for us to bond and become a family.

We were taught in our parent training classes (required for adoption) not to expect this kind of adoption experience.  But, it sure is nice when it happens.

Ellie continues to be confident and sassy. 

 Sometimes, a bit too sassy, but she's working on it.

However, as strong as she is, she is a mama's girl. She is always with me (I mean ALWAYS), and is really not happy when I need to do something without her.   

I am a little worried about how she is going to do with me away for two weeks.  She definitely will not like it.  And, who knows what she is going to think about the new baby brother I will be bringing home with me!  Sharing has never been one of her strengths.

But, I have to remember that Ellie has consistently shown herself to be a strong, resilient, happy little girl.  So, I just have to trust that she will be fine as I travel and that she will grow from the experience of being without me for a little while.  

She will also stretch and grow in her roll as a big sister.

After showing Ellie the slideshow I made of Nicholas' adoption, she insisted that I make one for her.  It is really hard to say no to my persistent and adorable sweetheart, so of course I obliged:

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