Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hong Kong

I didn't sleep a wink on the flight, but I am so glad I didn't because when I got to my hotel room, I slept all night long.  So, even though I missed a lot of sleep, I am at least sleeping at night and (hopefully) will be able to stay awake during the day.

It is so nice to be in Hong Kong.  This is my third time here, each time for only a day or night before flying home.  This is the first time I'm here on the beginning end of the trip, and the first time not completely worn out from the adoption and for caring for a new child.  Both times, I was relieved to get to Hong Kong.  It symbolized home and they we were on our way towards being the family I had dreamed of through long adoption processes.  It is also very English.  Because my parents are English, Hong Kong felt familiar after being in a place that was not familiar at all (mainland China).  Good tea, softer beds, and British-accented English all made me feel closer to home.

This time, I feel like I am on vacation here.  Hong Kong is just so beautiful, with mountains reaching up into low lying clouds.  And I hotel room to myself!  I just had coffee in bed and I plan to take a long uninterrupted shower.  This is not how I usually roll.

I am excited to get to Guangzhou, which is about a 2 hour drive from Hong Kong.  Guangzhou is my favorite Chinese city, and I especially love Shamian Island.  The island holds the famous White Swan hotel where many American families have stayed while finalizing their adoptions at the nearby U.S. Consulate office.  We stayed at the White Swan during our last two adoptions, but this time it is closed now for renovations.  I am instead staying in the Garden Hotel.  I do plan to visit the island a few times to hit some of my favorite spots.

My day started out beautifully.  I woke up and opened my email and saw that we had received pictures of Elijah opening a care package we sent to him a few months ago.  He is such a sweet, handsome boy!  Just seeing that I caused him to smile made my day.  I choose to see it as a good omen that we received these pictures on Father's Day.

We believe that he will not be returning to his former foster home, but on to another one closer to his orphanage in Hunan Province.  Although this is not what we hoped for, I will trust that it will be okay. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers, that this transition is not too tough for him and that he knows he is loved.

Ok, one more sleep until Gotcha Day!!

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  1. oh my goodness! I am holding my breath until the morning. The pictures of Elijah opening his treasure box of treats are just wonderful. What a gift he has been for you and you for him. My only hope is that soon he will be with you as your son.

    So grateful for your updates and this glimpse into your journey! Love you, Sam