Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Night in China

We had a fun night last night with some new friends.  We went to a restaurant called The Banana Leaf. I really recommend it to any families traveling in Guangzhou.  Good food and lots of live music (and even dancing!)

Here are my new friends:  three beautiful girls, all adopted from China.

And here is their mother, and their new baby sister.

My friend is a single mom to 4 girls.  Wow.  Here she is with her baby girl and her father.  Sorry for the blurry iPhone picture.

As we walked out, I took some pictures of the outside of our hotel.  

And the fountains out front.

Christopher did not quite make it all the way home before falling asleep.

Here is the inside of our hotel.  I was initially sad that we weren't able to stay in the White Swan, but I have loved this hotel.  I have surprised myself by feeling a little sentimental about leaving this place that Christopher and I first spent together. 

The lobby:

This Garden Hotel is always full of beautiful and HUGE flower arrangements. 

The ceiling that Christopher would always turn his head up to and stare at as we waited to meet our guide or friends in the lobby.

If all goes well, my guide should pick up Christopher's visa from the Consulate in half an hour, and we will soon be checking out and on our way to Hong Kong.  Can't believe it!

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