Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"He's officially my brother"

Today, Christmas Eve, is Elijah's official adoption day.  We returned to the civil affair office and signed some papers." He is officially my brother!"  Nicholas announced. 

We waited ( again) for a very long time, and the boys got antsy.  I told John Elijah is part Peter, part Nicholas:  he likes video games and sitting and playing action figures like Peter, but he is also super active and he needs movement, like Nicholas.  At one point, the boys went a little nuts together and ran all around the conference room wildly.  Oy!  I knew my plans for the rest of the trip must include lots of physical activity.

So we went back to the hotel pool after lunch.  This time, I encouraged Elijah to get in.  He was reluctant at first and kept shaking his head no.  But I held his hand and he came in with us.

And then never wanted to get out.

2 hours later.  

We are going to a Christmas Eve dinner and party tonight.  I pray the boys got all the beans out before having to behave like gentlemen.  

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