Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas in China!

We knew this might happen but weren't sure until this morning...Nicholas and I are leaving for China on Friday!  We are spending Christmas in China.  With Elijah!  Our Gotcha Day is the 23rd and his official adoption day will be Christmas Eve.  Wow!

I have had mixed feelings about going to China over Christmas because I knew my kids and my parents would be disappointed.  Olivia was sad at first, but now she is okay with this idea.  She understands that the 12 days will go more quickly with all of the Christmas parties and events.  Plus, we are so blessed that our long-time favorite babysitter Billie will be available that week.  She has a full-time job so we are just so lucky that this worked out so that she could be here when I am away.  The kids all love her very much and she really keeps things sane for John.  (She stayed with us while I went to get Christopher last summer).

I am worried about Christopher missing me.  He has only been home 6 months and he is really attached to his mama.  I worry about disrupting any of the good bonds we've been developing and about triggering any abandonment issues.  But, I know that I cannot bring him and be able to focus fully on Elijah.  I pray that Christopher will feel comfort with his Daddy, brothers and sisters, and grandparents here while I am away.

Nicholas is coming with me because I think Elijah would feel more comfortable with another child.  He has been living with other kids his whole life, and it might be awkward or too much pressure for him to be alone with this strange American lady in a hotel for 2 weeks.  Peter did not want to come, and Olivia wants to stay home and care for Christopher (such a mother hen), so is Nicholas it is.  (No, I did not consider Ellie -- ha ha.  She is a 4 year old bundle of impulsive energy). Plus, Nicholas really really really wants to come.  He will be a good travel companion because he is super aware of his surroundings (unlike Peter who might daydream and wander off -- I am not kidding) and had lots of energy and stamina.  He came with John and I when we adopted Ellie when he was 5.  There were a few issues during that trip (i.e. tantrums) due to exhaustion and frustration, but I think he is older and has more impulse and emotional control now.  We'll see.  

This is all seeming very real suddenly!  I am nervous to meet Elijah.  Babies, I can handle; 7 year old boys are a whole other thing!  And one who doesn't share a language with me -- oh boy!  Please pray with me that I have the right responses to him, that I make him feel comfortable and loved, that he is not too scared. 

Ahhh!  Okay, off to packing, wrapping presents, and preparing for our new family of 8.  Yikes!

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