Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7: Tuesdays

Every Tuesday three of the kids take classes at a local homeschool learning center.  Olivia is taking a writing class for the second year in a row, and Peter and Ellie are taking an art class.  It is a perfect fit for us because there are some things I love about schools -- what I don't like about it that is too much (all subjects, all the time, too much pressure for kids far too young, and almost all-encompassing to the point where people's identities seemed wrapped up in where their kids go to school, but I digress -- and the kids get these good things once a week at their learning center:  friends, inspiring teachers, learning to deal with the world outside of the parameters of home, and structure.

However, for three of my kids, for various reasons, we are waiting to join this 'school.'  There wasn't a good fit for Nicholas in terms of a subject that interested him at his learning level and on a day when we weren't busy with something else.  I am keeping Elijah close to me for at least this year as he learns English and continues to learn to trust me and how a family works.  And, obviously, Christopher is just too young.

So, every Tuesday, after we drop three of the kids off, we head to the park.  

The boys love it.  These three boys in particular are ACTIVE.  (Peter, on the other hand, is fairly mellow, God bless him.)  Nicholas and Elijah have their disagreements often at home, but when they are outside, things are golden.

It probably also helps that a few of the other kids are out of the picture for these few hours.  Dynamics change so much with the addition or subtraction of just one person.

I love these silly boys.

They are a lot of work, and they push me way out of my comfort zone, but oh how I love them.

If I had been able, magically, to see these pictures 20 years ago,  I would never have believed that these were my sons.  I would have sworn I would have only girls (I was so sure!) and I did not have the foresight to even think about international adoption.  I love how God's best for us is so different from our own plans.  Knowing that makes it so much easier to take it when our own dreams don't turn out the way we had planned: it is always always because there is something better.  Perhaps not in the short term, perhaps not in our lifetimes, but I trust that it is all for the best.

Christopher also had a great time.  He ran around like mad with the big boys and got some special time with mom.  He desperately needs a haircut, but he is still so darling.  He's a great example of something I did not plan.  I never would have thought that the delay of Elijah's adoption could have been a good thing, but look:  it is!  And Elijah and Christopher have such a special relationship, and even share a room now.  

I love my Tuesdays.

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