Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days

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Day 2: Off
Day3: Consistent Self-Care
Day 4: Consistent Parenting
Day 5: Consistent Worship
Day 6: Consistent Mornings
Day 7: Tuesdays
Day 8: Upside Down
Day 9: Consistent Therapy
Day 10: Consistently Messy
Day 11: Margaret (and a parcel!) arrives!
Day 12: Consistent Family
Day 13: Consistent Friends
Day 14: Consistent Feedback
Day 17: Not So Consistent
Day 18: Consistent Work, Consistent Offering
Day 19: Consistent Trust
Day 20: The Family Portrait

As you might have noticed (if anyone checks in here anymore!) is that I haven't blogged for a while.  I have been having a hard time just keeping up for the past few months, and blogging has not made it onto my to-do list.  It has been Olivia, most of all, who has encouraged me to start blogging again.  I'm not sure why exactly, but she loves the fact that I blog.  And she has been disappointed that I stopped.

So I am trying again.  To keep myself focused, I am joining a challenge called 31 Days.  It is basically what it sounds like: a challenge to blog for all 31 days of October.  Even if just for 5 minutes.

By nature, I am not very consistent.  I like big adventures, adrenaline, and ideas.  I do not excel in the day-to-day, small, everyday tasks.  I get bored, and I peter out.  I start to get restless and sometimes even depressed.  So, naturally, I do not tend to enjoy blogging about the everyday.  I feel as if I do not have much of interest to say about homeschooling, sibling rivalry, and piles of laundry.  Yet, ironically, I love to read about others' everyday life.  Youtube videos like this one are my love language. I find it encouraging: it actually helps me to feel inspired in my own ordinary life.

So, I am going to try to consistently chronicle my ordinary, hum-drum life as a mother of 6.  I'm hoping this is interesting and inspiring to some readers, but, at the very least, makes my daughter proud.

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  1. We are so glad you are continuing with this blog. We have missed you and your beautiful family story. Dad xxx