Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day Five: Consistent Worship

I took five of the kids to church this morning.  For me, who is not used to getting up early and has never been a morning person, this was no easy task.  But so so worth it.  I love our church and feel so full of light and energy when I am there. And I feel its effects for the rest of the week.

I don't get to lean into the sermon as much as I would like to because I sit with two wiggly boys (who refuse to go to Sunday school).  But, still, I get so much out of just being amidst the music and the people.  Also, the kids just get so much out of Sunday school.

I have struggled with getting to church every Sunday because sometimes it seems like such a better idea to Get Things Done on the weekend instead.  I sometimes blame it on the fact that John doesn't go to church and therefore I need to get the kids together and out the door on my own, making it much harder.  But the truth is I just haven't been disciplined enough to make it a priority.  That is my goal this month: to make it to church every Sunday.

I want my kids to grow up knowing how much God loves them, and also knowing a community of believers who commit their lives to Christ.  Our church is mission-based and is full of people who devout their lives to helping those in need.  It is such a change from our greater culture that is so selfish and materialistic.

I think the best way for my kids to grow up to be that kind of Christian is to see their mother being one.  To see me giving my Sunday to God as just an emblem of what the rest of my life looks like.  I can only pray to be that mother.

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