Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Journey to Nicholas

I must be getting sentimental because I am traveling to bring home my sweet Christopher in about 6 weeks (!!).  

Or perhaps its just that I am always sentimental about Nicholas.

I spent Mother's Day creating this video about meeting my oldest boy for the first time,  of our adoption journey in China and the first few days home.

There is nothing more magical than adoption.

Childbirth was wonderful, too.  You all know I loved being pregnant, and I would love love LOVE another pregnancy.  

But, pregnancy and childbirth is the assumption; its the way people expect you to make a family.

Adoption is often a sweet surprise.  

Adoption is also about taking a sad situation and turning it into something wonderful.  I think we are wired to love a redemption story.

And both a little boy and his parents were redeemed in the story below:

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  1. I love these pages! I admire you so much for doing what you believe, for forging ahead and ignoring the people who might not understand, and for building such a beautiful family and a home filled with love. At least once a week I think I should call you to see if you want to start a school!