Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cupcake Kids

For Olivia's 9th birthday this year, Olivia decided to hold a cupcake sale in lieu of a party.  

This was not just an ordinary cupcake sale, but part of a nation wide Cupcake Kids campaign organized by Sixty Feet, a non-profit that helps the imprisoned kids in Uganda.  (Yes, some orphans are put in prisons in Uganda because there is simply no where else for them to go.  These are some of the millions of kids that will most likely never make it onto an international adoption waiting child list.)

While Olivia is certainly aware of and compassionate about orphans throughout the world, I think her motivation was also controlled by her love of baked goods!  And her desire to work behind a cash register and own a shop one day.  She was beyond thrilled to have her best friend over and set up her stand!

All of the kids got in on the fun, including Peter (standing like a robot) and his friend Finn.

And Ellie, who is helping us between moments of frog-catching. 
I don't have a picture of Nicholas, but he was very excited to be the banker.  He handled all of the cash-ola and was please indeed to announce our grand total of $209 profit.  

After a hard day of peddling sweets, these Cupcake Kids went off for a fun evening at the theatre, seeing Cirque Shanghai.  I love how they still hold hands at age 9.  These two have been besties since they were born.

  That evening we celebrated with an ice cream cake (and tirimisu for the grown-ups).  I don't know if it is apparent from the picture, but there was a miscommunication and this ice cream cake was put in the fridge instead of the freezer.  By the time we realized this, it was flat as a pancake.  Incredibly, the kids said they like melted ice cream cake better than the frozen ones, and now they all want to melt their cakes on their birthdays, too.

Happy Birthday, my big girl!  You are my such a compassionate, smart, sassy, love of a girl. I am so blessed that you made me a mommy 9 years ago.  I love you!!

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