Monday, May 27, 2013

Interview with Peter

Me: So, Peter, you are almost done with Kindergarten!  Wow!

Peter: I know!

Me: What was your favorite thing about Kindergarten?

Peter: Reading Fun Tales

Me: Did you like doing school at home this year?

Peter: Yeah

Me:  What did you like most about it?

Peter: That your mom gets to teach you.

Me: I loved teaching you!  Anything else?

Peter: Umm…I liked that we could do school fast and then have lots of time to play.

Me: Did you miss anything about going to school?

Peter:  Ummm…the playground.  There was this twisty monkey bars thing that you could go down and go round and round and round.

Me: Yeah, it is a good playground.
Did you miss anything else?

Peter: No.  Well, I liked Wacky Wednesday!

Me: Well, we could do that here?  Would you like to do that?

Peter:  Yeah!

Me: I love you.  Congratulations on almost finishing Kindergarten.

Peter:  Thanks, Mom.

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