Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ellie turns 4

 Ellie turned 4 today.  My spunky, funny, strong, affectionate little girl.

My beautiful one, who falls asleep whenever and wherever she sees fit.

As she tore open her birthday gifts this morning, and then hugged everyone with a big "THANK YOU!,"I silently thanked her birth family for choosing to bring her into this world.  If they could only see her now, I am sure they would feel so proud.

How did I get so lucky to be her mother?  Seriously?  

On Saturday we held her birthday party at a local farm.  Ellie is obsessed with horses, and the only present she wanted this year was a horse.  Well, that wasn't going to happen so we compromised with toy horses and pony rides for her birthday party.

She took seven turns.  She was in heaven.

And I was in heaven because I finally got to meet my newest niece, Annie.  She is so tiny and sweet.

My nieces, Ruby and Lucy, who own pieces of my heart.  Being an auntie is so fun -- all the love and none of the discipline.

We also went on a wagon ride through the farm.

This pose is totally Ellie:

John's cousin and our niece Nikki.

Christopher seemed to really like the ride.

Ellie was insistent that we have cupcakes and not cake.  Her wish was my command. 

Happy Birthday girl!

All ready to blow out the candles

And they are out in one huff and puff!

Oh, did I mention the farm party was also a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" party?
It was.  Both.

Chris says "Arrrr"

 Then we fed the animals.  Both Ellie and Christopher could not get enough of this goat.

 He got a lot of corn that day.

 Chris was also really into the chickens.  

It was a wonderful day.  And, although many have heard me say that I loathe throwing kids' birthday parties (and I've done my share), this one was extra worth it because Ellie really seemed to love it.

Happy Birthday, my "best friend ever"!

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