Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Wedding

This weekend we attended John's sister's wedding.  Theia Nickie, as she is called around here, is someone really special.  

She is not just John's beloved sister, but my good, good friend.  

Olivia is especially attached to her Theia.  She is a second mother, a big sister, and a best friend all rolled into one.

She has been our number one babysitter since the day Olivia was born.  

And she was there when Nicholas came home.

Not only was she there the day after Peter was born, but she drove 3 and a half hours to meet us at the hospital when Peter underwent his emergency appendectomy 

(By the way, Theia Nickie is a pediatrician).

Nickie also stayed with the kids when we went to adopt Ellie, and met her soon after she came home.  I am sure there must be some pictures of Nickie and Ellie, but I can't find any.  Poor fourth child is a bit neglected when it comes to picture-taking.  Plus, she doesn't sit still long enough for us to get a good shot!

We were all so thrilled when Nickie and her fiancé (now husband) announced their engagement last year.  Since then, the kids have been anxiously awaiting the big day.  Not just awaiting, but enacting.
They have played "wedding" at least once a week for the last year:  Olivia is a bridesmaid/priest (she takes on 2 roles), Nick is the ring-bearer, and Ellie and Peter are the bride and groom.

Nickie's wedding was a BIG day.  Yes, for Nickie too (LOL).

Doesn't Nickie look gorgeous?  LOVE the dress!

The day started with hair and makeup.  

Olivia loved being pampered.  She loved her hairstyle so much she kept it in for 4 days, sleeping in bobby-pins and everything.  

Then, we took pictures in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland.  

Nickie's bridal party included all 4 of our kids, and 4 more of John's cousins' children.  Such a darling wedding party.

Ellie said she was Snow White.  She referred to her dress as her "beautiful dress" at every opportunity.  For example, "Mommy, will you pull up my Beautiful Dress while I go potty?"

John and I having a moment alone (kind of)!

Peter and Nick were both ring-bearers and they were so proud of their responsibility.  I almost forgot to cue them to bring the rings up during the ceremony.  The priest was nodding and looking at me, and I just smiled back at him!  Oy, finally I got it, and the boys performed their duties!

Here is the youngest member of the bridal party, baby Niki (yes, we are a Greek family, so we have to have at least 2 Nickie/Niki's and one Nick).

I was so happy my parents could come down for the wedding too.  The kids especially love having all of the family together.

The reception was the greatest.  It looked like this most of the time:  kids running, dancing, laughing.  Olivia declared it the greatest night of her life.

I spent a lot of the night with Ellie sleeping on my lap.  Poor thing got tuckered out from all of the excitement.  But, I still had a wonderful time, watching all of the romance and the dancing.


Congratulations to the happy couple!
Nickie, we love you so much.  We are so glad you have found a partner for life.  

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