Thursday, January 3, 2013


I loved this book.  It was exactly what I was looking for:  a memoir, a book about not just Christianity but about how it can be applied by us, particularly young(ish) women, in our world today.  And have it be meaningful rather than just abstract and lofty.

In this book, Allen describes how she was inspired by Katie Davis, a 24 year old American girl who is now the mother to 14 Ugandan girls and who gave up the American dream of college, boyfriends, and 'happily ever after' to live in Uganda.  The author is not inspired to move to Uganda like Katie but just to follow God's desire during this short time we have on earth.  (love this blog and book, by the way.  Amazing).

So her prayer is "Anything; God, I will do anything you want me to do."

I was so touched by this.  This is my prayer for 2013.  I want to God's will to be done.  I want my dreams and aspirations to die and for God's dreams to be realized.  They are always better than our own anyway.

Unfortunately, they are sometimes not pleasant.  But always, in the end, better.

I give up my grand plans ( I am famous for my grand plans, just ask my husband) and instead will try to follow God's.  For this new Christian, it is sometimes hard to hear God's voice but I am trying.  I pray that he will be very obvious because I am not good at subtlety.

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