Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cape Cod 2012

We are having a blast in Cape Cod!  We have been coming here for 3 years straight, and hopefully it will remain a family summer tradition.  The weather is gorgeous this time of year:  warm but not too hot, with the light starting to change from the glaring sunlight of summer to the golden glow of fall.

I am loving the extra time to read and to plan.  Even with 4 kids to take care of, there is more time for me to think when we are here.  I suppose it is the lack of household duties, the lack of phone calls, and playdates, and trips to the store.  Whatever it is, I have had lots of greatly appreciated time to plan for the school year ahead, to think about the world and our creator, and to just tune in with myself.

We are even starting to homeschool while we are up here…after all, we are studying American history this term, and this is the state in which the pilgrims landed, and where various Native American tribes lived for thousands of years. 

 But for now, we are just chillin' at the beach,

 spending extra time with each other,

 eating some good food,

  loving each other,





 and pondering life.

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