Friday, April 18, 2014

Box Day 2014

We love Box Day. 

It's the day our huge boxes of books and teacher's guides arrive from Sonlight, the company we use to purchase most of our curriculum.

Poor kids.  I always make them pose for our Box Day Picture before letting them tear open the boxes.

The girls never seems to mind.  

And Nicholas is being a good sport.

Smile!  Pretty please...

Get everyone in the photo!

Uh oh, Olivia is upset that no one is listening.

And, where is Elijah?

Good, thank you for still smiling, Ellie.

And I can see Peter's face now...

Okay, just hold on.  I'm sure Elijah is on his way...

 Nick, please stop it.

One more minute...

Wait, I'm losing some of them...

But, Ellie is still posing.

Back to where I started.  Thank goodness for little girls.

We later found Elijah inside.  He found his new math curriculum.

I hope he is this excited about it when we actually start using it.

It's like Christmas. Kind of.

Tearing open packages.

 Being silly.

Even Chrissy is in on the action.

I love that they think piles of books are so thrilling.  

May it stay this way.

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