Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back at the Cape again

We are back at Cape Cod.  It is so nice to come back to the same spot every year; our home away from home.  We have debated about whether or not it would be better to go to a different vacation spot, so that we could experience different places.

But we always end up here.  

It is just so beautiful.

And has the BEST food.

(Christopher really digs ice cream.)

And this is where many of our kids saw the ocean for the first time.
So it has become sort of a tradition.

(Christopher loved it, by the way.  He is from an ocean-side city so I am not surprised.  The ocean is probably in his blood!)
And, I have to admit, it is much easier to come to a familiar place with our boatload of kids.  We know what our rental house will look like, we know all the restaurants (which ones are kid-firendly, etc.) and we also have my parents nearby.  They own a home in the same Cape town.

We spend our days playing at the ocean.

Canoeing and swimming in the lake at the beautiful Nickerson State Park.

Eating a lot of seafood.

And just chillin' at our house.

We stumbled upon this rental last year, and it is perfect for us.  It is off the beaten bath and has a huge yard.  No neighbors to disturb by our loud bunch.

It has room to sleep 12.  Perfect!  

This has been a really relaxing holiday so far.  It took a little while for John and I to switch off of our go-go-go mentality and to slow down and actually LOOK at each other and -- get this -- talk to each other.  But, we have arrived now, and it is so nice.  I really do love my husband, and it is nice to reconnect.

Last year, I was so anxious about beginning homeschooling for the first time.  I spent a lot of the time here going over instructor's guides and schedules.  But, not this time.  Actually, maybe I should pull out some school school stuff.

Nah.  I'd rather play ping pong (minus the table) with Peter.

Or be napping with Christopher

Or swimming with Ellie (brrr!)

Or building sand castles with Nicholas.

Or playing frisbee with Olivia.

I am cherishing these moments.

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