Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview with Olivia

Olivia, age 8

Hi Olivia.  How are you?
Well, good.

How do you like homeschooling so far?
Well, it's good but I miss a lot of my friends at school even though we have a lot of playdates.  But, it's really fun.  And we get to finish early so we get to do all of these fun things.

Like what?

Going to the park.  Kidstown.  The zoo.  Chinatown.  Visiting my grandparents.  Stuff like that.

So what do you miss about going to school?

Pizza Thursday. The Olympics.  I liked watching everyone in the talent show but I was never in it.

Do you think you are learning a lot in our homeschool?

Yes, because everyone in my old school is not learning everything that I'm doing.  And I'm learning everything so quickly that we might do 2 years in one!      

Okay, just one more question about school.  How can we improve our school?

Pizza Thursday (giggles)!  Getting a pool in the backyard...

Ask Dad about that one.  Okay, I will change the subject now.  How do you like being 8 years old?

I just feel like all my friends.  I just feel like how everyone feels...

What do you imagine you will be doing with your life when you are a grown-up?

I want to be living with Nickie and Dave (aunt and uncle), and I don't know what I want to be yet.  Maybe I'll have 2 kids.

Do Nickie and Dave know about these plans?  Anyway, what do you like about being the oldest in our family?

I hate it! I have to take care of everyone.  Dad asks me tons of favors and I get the most work!      

I thought I said "what do you like about it?"

Oh, well...I love having a cute little sister.  I like getting to do things first, like reading.  

Okay, that's it.  Thanks for answering my questions today!

You're welcome! 

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