Monday, September 3, 2012

Field Trip Continued: The Mayflower II

After visiting the 17th century village and the Wapanoag Homesite, we drove through the town of Plymouth to see the famous Plymouth Rock.  We had just read Jean Fritz's Who's That Stepping on Plymouth Rock?, so we were all very interested in seeing the legendary boulder upon which the pilgrims first stepped.

It really was quite underwhelming.

But we were prepared for that because Fritz' book had explained how the rock have been moved and broken multiple times, and that pieces has been chipped off by other visitors throughout the years.

Thank you, Papa, for carrying Ellie.  I had forgotten the stroller.

We listened to a guide tell us about the how the Pilgrims planned to pay off their debt to their London merchants who had invested in their colony -- with beaver pelts and other animal furs.  Here, Olivia is holding one.  Nicholas found it most interesting that the shipload of beaver furs sent back to London was stolen by pirates!  So, it took a try long time for the Pilgrims to pay off their debt (perhaps this is a lesson in history and money management??)

Then we got to board the Mayflower II.  This boat was constructed in the 1950's to be an exact replica of the original Mayflower. It even sailed the same route as the Pilgrims did in 1620.

As in the 17th century Village, we met actors playing the part of people from that time period.  Here are some sailors.

Papa interrogated this sailor about "rum rations."  Very important, indeed.

All in all, we really enjoyed Plimoth Plantation.  It was great to have some reference for when we begin reading about the pilgrims and their voyages.  To see with our own eyes, for example, how small the Mayflower was:  that was priceless.

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