Monday, September 5, 2011

First Day of Homeschooling

Today was the day. I dove in head first. I was a little apprehensive, worrying that my hopes would be dashed on my very first day. I was worried that the kids would not like it, or would not follow along. Or that I would feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and like quitting. I know that might happen in the future, but I am glad it didn't happen on the very first day!

I am doing a very basic, relaxed method for 2 reasons. One: it is summer. The kids need time to relax and play. Plus, I believe playing is kids' learning in disguise. Two: I want to ease into this. If I go into this with tons of work and a rigid schedule, we might all want to quit. As I learned from Flylady (, baby-steps are the only way for lasting change and to avoid burnout.

We are doing Five in A Row, a program that is literature based. Basically, we read a children's picture books for five days in a row, gleaning new information and ideas each time we read. Today, we focused on social studies. Our overarching topic for the next 2 weeks will be World War 2. I asked all the kids at the beginning of this project what they wanted to learn; this was Nicholas' pick (no surprise to those of us who know him!)

Today was SO nice. All at home, all learning together. No running in and out of the car. There were some squabbles and hurt feelings, but they are worked out now, as diner is simmering on the stove. My heart feels peaceful.

Let's see if it lasts...

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