Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have always wanted a large family. And now that I have one (at least, in this part of the country, 4 kids is considered a lot), I get asked quite a bit about my reasons for wanting this. There are many reasons, but the one that is the most honest, the most central to me, is that I wanted a simple life. "Ha ha," you must be thinking, "You thought having 4 kids would lead to a simple life!" And I suppose I was not thinking of school schedules, afterschool activities, laundry, dinnertime, etc. I was thinking that I wanted family to be central to our life, rather than careers, and social life, school and activities. I grew up as one of 2 kids. And I had a wonderful childhood. But, I felt like, in many ways, we were 4 people who lived together but who had separate lives. We met once or twice a day for meals, but other than that we were chasing our dreams in different directions. As I grew to think about how I wanted to piece together my own family life, I imagined that having more children would force us to slow down, to plan less and to be home more. To prioritize home life. To be present to the daily beauty.

I am finding out that this ideal takes more than just adding more kids to your household.

I am starting this blog in the hope of recording my search for a simpler, yet more abundant life. I am looking for ways to spend more time at home, and less time in my minivan. I am looking for more family time, and less activity. I am hoping for rich and loving relationships within our family, rather than the quarreling and tension that comes from hurrying and stress. I am looking for God. I am hoping to make a U-turn back to my authentic self, away from striving and attempts at achievement. I am trusting in this wonderful process of Life to take me there. Giddyup.

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